Living Golden 2016: A Celebration

This week it’s time for a celebration. We have been working consciously to live from our core. To live a life that is reflective of who we are—a life that is responsive and not reactive.


I’m going to be very honest with you. Every day, every week I haven’t lived golden.  But you know what, I’m going to take time to celebrate my wins, my successes, my failures, and my shortcomings.


This opportunity gives us a moment to check in—but from a different perspective. I think that when we check in it’s done with a critical eye as opposed to a sense of celebration. So let’s use a different model of checking in and approach it from the perspective of celebrating and celebrating not just what is pegged as “good”. (more…)


Living Golden 2016: A New Rhythm


My life can be so unpredictable that I find myself having to find a new rhythm and often. But then I find myself longing for my old rhythm. But what exactly was my old rhythm? As an academic, my life changes every three to four months. As a mother, my life changes every day. When I think that I know the pick up time from school, or what event is happening at her school, I’m surprised by the text (which has become increasingly annoying) that alerts me of a change. When I think that I’ve found my groove, it’s disrupted by a student of color, or me, being racially targeted on campus. Then everything really goes array and my lovely schedule that I developed during my weekly planning session is no more.



Living Golden: Reflecting and Moving Forward

As we begin February it’s a good time to not just plan your month, but to reflect on January. In other words, it’s a good time to look back over your month with an eye to asking: Am I moving towards my goals—my 10 year goals, my 5 year goals and my yearly goals. (more…)


Living Golden 2016—What does Freedom Mean to You?


What does freedom mean to you? And I’m not just talking about your thoughts, but also about how does your body feel when it’s free.

This week, I want us to explore how freedom feels—in terms of mind, body and spirit. Beyond our quest for personal freedom I also want you to think about what freedom means to your community.


So this week we are being conscious of the following

  1. How do you imaging being free? How does your body feel?
  2. How do you imagine freedom for your community?


Finally, How are you directing your energies towards your understanding of freedom?


This breathing exercise you might find useful in helping you to tap into not just your mind but your body as you explore what freedom means to you.



Wishing you a wonderful and joyous week.



Julia Jordan-Zachery



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Living Golden 2016: Energy Drainers

This past week I found myself confronting energy drainers. It felt that my body was porous and that all my energy was being drained out of me. It was specific stuff and not easily identifiable stuff that seem to drain me. The flip side of this is that I was not replenishing, as I was not taking the time to be conscious about meeting my needs. (more…)