Introducing F. L. O. W




Dr. J-Z is here to help you move from Surviving to Flourishing.


The spoken and unspoken rules of academia can sometimes leave women of color feeling off kilter. Are you tired of this feeling—of feeling that who you are at your core is not aligned with your lived realty?


Do you want to move from a place where you are working to just survive to a place where you can flourish?



I am here to help you find that place—your home space where you flourish. I am Julia Jordan-Zachery, Ph.D. (also known as Dr. J-Z). For the past 18 years I have successfully navigated academia. My road was not always straight and well paved, but I made my way from adjunct to full professor.


One challenge I faced was there was often no one to help me navigate academia—to manage the trauma caused by race-gender oppression. This is why I’m here to help you. As a Black woman, I understand the unique challenges faced by women of color in academia. I also have the experience of mentoring students, junior colleagues and my peers.


I am here to coach you to that place were you (re)claim yourself from the subtle and less so subtle messages sent to women of color in academia; the messages that challenge our identity, our belongingness.


I coach from a vantage point of real lived experiences. My coaching style blends yoga principles (I am a certified yoga teacher) with practical tools designed to get us to a place where we are thriving and flourishing. My coaching style honors and centers our identities as women of color. Mine is a perspective grounded in the realization that women of color, based on our social location, sometimes face unique challenges. My approach is grounded in seeing ALL of you—all of your glory and all of your possibilities.


My goal is to work with you so that you successfully navigate academia while staying grounded in who you are at your core. My strategies are designed so that you can align you lived realities with your vision of who you are.  We always start from the position that none of us are in need of “fixing” because none of us are broken. 


Coaching is about Vision and Doing!


Specifically, coaching is about me helping you to design your vision and supporting you in the doing to make your vision a reality. I work with you one-on-one, with the upmost confidentiality and trust, on designing a plan to manifest your vision and your goals. We start by identifying your strengths and then we outline a strategy for how you will utilize your strengths to address the challenges you face and what you want to achieve. With you at the center, we chart a plan that gets you to the place of F. L. O. W.







F.L.O.W. is about you bringing together you mind, body, and spirit so that you are not just surviving but thriving.


You achieve your F.L.O.W. by being critically honest about who you are and where you want to be. This then allows you to design your home space—a place where you stop simply reacting and start responding to the situations you face as a woman of color in academia.


Through this process, I offer you a non-judgmental holding space. This holding space is a space where I honor your humanity and vision for your self with honesty and respect.


My goal is to help you excavate your strengths by utilizing your wisdom and the wisdom of our ancestors; by allowing you space to learn your triggers and your responses to them. This is how we move from a place of reacting to a place of responding.


I am the career coach that you need and I am available to help you THRIVE.


Interested? Send me an email so that we can begin to explore a plan that helps you create your home space. I’m at


Our first coaching session is always free. And, there will always be one spot, free of charge, that is available for a graduate student.


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