Living Golden 2016: A Celebration


This week it’s time for a celebration. We have been working consciously to live from our core. To live a life that is reflective of who we are—a life that is responsive and not reactive.


I’m going to be very honest with you. Every day, every week I haven’t lived golden.  But you know what, I’m going to take time to celebrate my wins, my successes, my failures, and my shortcomings.


This opportunity gives us a moment to check in—but from a different perspective. I think that when we check in it’s done with a critical eye as opposed to a sense of celebration. So let’s use a different model of checking in and approach it from the perspective of celebrating and celebrating not just what is pegged as “good”.



Seeing Good

As we celebrate I want to encourage us to rethink what constitutes “good”. What have you learned from all of your experiences? This is what we are celebrating–our new knowledge.


So take some time to list the new knowledge you have accumulated since you started Living Golden 2016. I recommend a random “listing” as opposed to a linear listing. Just start randomly jotting down what you’ve learned on a piece of paper. When I started this exercise my first word was “spirit”. I had to really think about what I learned about my spirit. It was truly revealing and rewarding.


The Doing of a Celebration


I don’t know about you, but often I don’t think of celebrating unless something “big” happened. So it can be a tad challenging to imagine ways of celebrating the little things in life. I tapped into a few other blogs that  offer good suggestions on how to celebrate without spending money.



13 Ways To Treat Yourself Without Spending Any Money


Share with us how you celebrated Living Golden.


Peace and Blessings,

Julia Jordan-Zachery


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