Living Golden 2016: A Life of Contentment



I’ve decided to stop seeking and simply live a life of contentment. The last two weeks have been ruthless—which explains, in part, why I didn’t post last week. I’ve been involved in a battle for my humanity. This battle involves a fight against race-gender trauma that I’ve been experiencing for some time.


Ever so often this battle brings me to my knees. It causes me to pull away from doing that which I know I should do—taking care of my whole self. Instead, I find my self in a position of retreat. The battle gets so intense that I retreat. It’s not that I do “bad” things; it’s just that I stop doing what I know to be beneficial to my mind, body and spirit.


The one good thing about my experiences, is that I find myself thinking, a lot, of what it means to live a life of contentment—especially during difficult times. And I’m not talking about individual level difficult times, I’m talking about difficult times that involve race-gender oppression (as in my case) that are occurring at a wider societal level. I know that we’ve never reached a state of post-racism, as much as some would like to believe. Thus, I make no claims that the kind of expressions of racism we are currently experiencing are new. But it’s all “new” to me.


On the flip side of my experiences with race-gender oppression I’m also walking a thin line that involves hope for a more just society. However, each day something happens that seemingly wants to steal the hope that is buried deep in my heart. That also makes me want to retreat. I often jokingly say that I long to find a rock to crawl under and live a simple life.


However, that’s not possible. So here I am, a Black woman involved in this fight for the humanity of oppressed people—a Black woman who simultaneously fights while longing to retreat.


Contentment Can’t be Had at a Superficial Level

So what does this all have to do with living a life of contentment? And I’m not talking about some superficial form of contentment. I’m talking about deep, soul searing contentment. In my desire to fight and retreat I asked myself who am I? What are my external and internal pressures? What do I long for?


What I concluded is that I longed for contentment. For me contentment is truly about letting go of the outcomes. No longer holding on to what my actions might bring or not bring.


Contentment involves me not fighting between resisting oppression and wanting to retreat. Instead, I will use my energies to practice a life of contentment—accepting me as I am!


For the month of March I will focus primarily on contentment. I hope that you join me for the ride of this journey of freedom to simply be.



Peace and Blessings,



Julia Jordan-Zachery


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