Living Golden: A Journey to our Core


Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can–Arthur Ashe


Living Golden, It’s a way of life – a journey. This is a journey that takes us from the inside out and from the outside in and back again. It will not be straight and narrow journey. Instead it will be one filled with the realities of life. And as such Living Golden is about you finding and living your core so that when life happens you can respond without loosing sight of who you are.



Living Golden is about learning to respond and not react (which is what causes so much stress in our lives).


Living Golden is NOT about temporary fixes. And it is NOT about quickness. In other words, this is not a microwave approach to you clearing what no longer serves you and inviting in what you need to thrive.


I’m going to be honest; Living Golden is going to take some time and effort. The beauty is that you, and you alone, will decide the pace. You do as much or as little as you want to do. There is only one request, and that is you be CONSISTENT in the doing.


You will need TIME. I know, as is, many of us hardly have time to breath. But stop and ask yourself is your current pace serving you? Before you continue reading, I want you to stop and do the following exercise:


Exercise on being Conscious: Finding your Breath

  • Sit upright
  • Place one hand on your heart and the other on your lower abdomen
  • First take a deep breath into your lower abdomen. Allow your stomach to expand. As you exhale draw your navel to your spine. Feel your breath enter your body. “Watch” it travel from your nostrils to your lower abdomen.
  • Repeat this three more times.
  • Now breath into your heart center.
  • Imagine that you can see your breath entering your heart.
  • Repeat this three more times.
  • Allow you breath to come back to its normal rhythm.


That’s what it feels like to slow down and take a moment to simply be. Slowing down and focusing on you is not about finding an end result. It’s not about reaching a destination. Slowing down and focusing on you is simply about feeling and being present with you.


Can you find a few minutes a day, a week, a month (or as long as is comfortable for you) to slow down? This is what Living Golden in 2016 is about. It’s about finding time to cultivate a relationship with you. It’s only when you cultivate a relationship with your selves can you determine what you want to invite in, what you want to plant, nourish and watch grow.


Before we get down to the doing, here’s what you will need to Live Golden in 2016. The list focuses on internal and external resources.



  • A Practice of self-kindness and forgiveness
  • A willingness to explore
  • A willingness to suspend self-judgment
  • A willingness to keep trying regardless of the context
  • Your imagination—wild and free. We are going to dream big and let go of all of our can’ts.
  • Consistency



  • A four-part journal—we will break our yearly goals into quarters, months, weeks and days
  • A pen
  • A box—we will make a “freedom box”. Get something pretty–something that makes you smile.


How Does It Work?

Starting Jan 3, 2016 I will post a weekly guiding question or thought to help you think about how you want to use your energy. These prompts are designed to help you through the process of living from your core.


In the meantime, here are some questions that I want you to explore. It doesn’t matter how many you are able to answer. Neither is it relevant that you answer all of them. The only thing that matters as you explore these questions is that you be honest. Living Golden only works if we are honest with ourselves. Keep these questions (and your answers) in an accessible space and you might want to refer to them as you take this journey of Living Golden.


Exploring your Core: Our Guiding Questions


Where are we going? The goal is to craft a year of intentions. In other words, we will use these questions to design a year of actions. These questions help us to decide what we want to invite into our lives in 2016. Remember to suspend judgment and answer with some wild abandon. Don’t worry about the doing of it all yet. We will eventually get there. Before you start writing spend a little time meditating on the questions. Allow your inner self to guide you to the answers.


  1. In the next year what do I want to create?
  2. How do I want to feel about: my self/my relationships/my work/my spirituality/my community?
  3. What do I want to lay down—doubts/limiting self-talk/guilt/relationships?
  4. How do I feel when I’m nourished?
  5. What do I need to feel nourished and treasured?
  6. If there were no limits and/or excuses what would I create and how would I feel?
  7. Over the next year what do I want to commit my energies towards?
  8. What from my past do I want to take with me, and what might I set-aside?
  9. What type of relationship do I want to have with: myself/my family/my friends/my work/my spirituality/my community?

Welcome to this journey. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you.  Feel free to share you updates on Facebook (JZ Coaching) and/or twitter (@Drjz_coach). Or you can email me:

  • Akilah S. Richards

    Beautiful opportunity for deep self-inquiry and active self-love. I’m glad you’re doing this! Keep up the Lightwork, Sis!

    • JZ Coaching

      Thank you! Wishing you well.

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