“We believe that the most profound and potentially the most radical politics come directly out of our own identity . . .” (The Combahee River Collective 1995, 234).

“… then it is a mark of our resistance, our commitment to liberation, when we claim the right to speak the truth of our reality anyway” (bell hooks, 1993 26).

Why Blog:

  • To bring to the center Black girls and women’s experiences.
  • To explore how we resist oppression
  • To fight for our liberation and justice

Who Can Blog?

  •  Ida’s Ink  is open to submissions that cover the lived realities of ALL Black girls and women.

What do we Publish?

  • Poetry, reviews of books by and about Black women, prose and previously published blog posts.
  • No topic is off limit.  We are about speaking truth in the name of freedom.

Who is it about?

This is a space that is open to diverse perspectives of experiences and where Black women’s voices are honored and respected.

This is a space committed to the liberation of Black women.

How to submit

Send your submissions to: