Profiling: Books by and about Black Women


“Profiling: Books by and about Black women” wants to showcase your recent publication.   A colleague recently asked me “how do you keep up with all the new publications?”  I responded with laughter. It’s so hard to stay current with new publications. But, this got me to thinking…   So I thought that I would open up Talking About Us to profile books that are a) written by Black women (regardless of location) and/or b) written about Black women.


“Profiling” seeks to showcase  non-fiction works that move Black women from the periphery to the center–either as authors and/or as subjects.

Here’s How to Submit Your Book

  • About your book–a write up about your book and its treatment of Black women. Maybe include a sample for the readers’ to review.
  • About the author(s). Be creative and have a little fun with how you introduce yourself to your reading public.
  • Add your voice to the conversation by sending your submission to:
  • Books should have been published within the last five years 2010-2015.
  • Remember to include your name, your blog/website’s name and the URL and your picture and a picture of your book’s cover–as a jpg or png.

Each submission is received on speculation. In the event that your submission is selected for publication, you will receive an email with the expected publication date. At this time, we do not pay for submissions. Submissions are ongoing.